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Blank Movie Review Rating: Sunny Deol starrer received mixed reviews from critics

Picture Courtesy: Sunny Deol
Blank Movie Review Rating:
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Blank Movie Review Rating (Average):- 2.31/5
Blank Movie Review Rating Counting:- 4
Times of India:- (2.5/5) by Rachit Gupta Bollywood Hungama:- (2.5/5)
This action movie is helmed by first-time director Behzad Khambata and the inexperience shows in many portions where the filmmaker’s choices aren’t top-notch. The decision to play an emotional track called Himmat Karja just before and during a critical fight sequence kills the mood completely. And that is the way the film’s narrative plays out throughout. The movie has flashes of promise but just as many, if not more, moments of amateur execution

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BLANK is just 111 minutes long but it seems quite lengthy. The film starts off well at a crucial moment and then goes on a flashback mode. The first half doesn’t go on a high but is decent and sans complaints. Hanif’s fight sequence in the hospital is nicely done. His interrogation sequence gets a bit dragging but keeps viewers engaged. The intermission point however is the best part of the film.

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NDTV:- (2/5) by Saibal Firstpost:- (2.25/5) by Devansh
Sunny Deol, in the garb of a phlegmatic loner wedded to his job, stomps through Blank, occasionally in the company of his ATS colleagues, making firm declarations of intent as he goes about his mission to thwart the terror plot. The screenplay (by the director himself) keeps digressions to the bare minimum, but its attempts to build tension and sustain suspense do not yield much dividend because Blank is low on surprises.

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Blank starts on a promising note. The opening scene is both symbolic and engaging. It immediately draws you into the urgency of the situation, which director Behzad Khambata manages to maintain throughout the film. But by the time the close-to-two-hour-long film ends, the urgency gives way to convolution. The suspense that served as the backbone of the film in the opening minutes gets overcooked by the time the film nears its conclusion.

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Blank Movie Story
A suicide bomber loses his memory and has a bomb attached to his heart. It is up to the police officers to prevent this bomb from taking innocent lives.
Blank Movie Star Cast
Sunny Deol
Karan Kapadia
Karanvir Sharma
Ishita Dutta
Blank Movie Director
Behzad Khambata
Blank Movie Release Date
Blank movie release on 3rd May, 2019.


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