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Kalank Movie Lifetime Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop, screen count. Is it first flop movie of Varun Dhawan?

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Kalank Movie Lifetime Box Office Collection:
One of the most anticipated movies of the year, Kalank hit the theatre on 17th April, 2019. The film starring Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Madhuri Dixit, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Sanjay Dutt released on Wednesday, a holidays on occasion of Mahavir Jayanti earlier than its usual. After being biggest opener of the year, Kalank movie saw dismal performance in the weekend
After lacklustre performance in the opening weekend, Kalank saw big drop on weekdays. It crashed on 3rd week by collecting Rs. 20 lakh on 3rd Friday to took its lifetime collection to Rs. 83.48 Crore. The movie is a big disappointments for audience as it failed to impress them which is reflecting in the Box Office. However, Kalank is doing good business in the overseas market and took its worldwide collection to Rs. 138.51 Crore. The movie also become biggest opener of Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt. Kalank has got mixed review from critics.
Kalank Movie Collection in Bar Graph:
Infographic: Varun Dhawan Highest Grossing Movie and Box Office Performance for last 5 films
Our take on Kalank:
The movie has created enough buzz thanks to its unique promotional stategy. Music of the movies is already a hit. If the movie gets good reviews and positive feedback from audience, Kalank has a potential to be the Varun Dhawan highest grosser. The movie has also got extended weekend including two holidays, it had every chance to take a good opening at the box office. But the movie failed to impress the audience. It now will struggle to cross even Rs. 85 Crore at the Indian box office
Kalank Movie Day Wise Collection Breakup:
Kalank Movie 1st day collection:- Rs. 21.60 Cr.
Kalank Movie 2nd day collection:- Rs. 11.45 Cr.
Kalank Movie 3rd day collection:- Rs. 11.60 Cr.
Kalank Movie 4th day collection:- Rs. 9.75 Cr.
Kalank Movie 5th day collection:- Rs. 11.63 Cr.
Kalank Movie 6th day collection:- Rs. 3.75 Cr.
Kalank Movie 7th day collection:- Rs. 3.50 Cr.
Kalank Movie 8th day collection:- Rs. 3.00 Cr.
Kalank Movie 9th day collection:- Rs. 2.50 Cr.
Kalank Movie 10th day collection:- Rs. 0.70 Cr.
Kalank Movie 11th day collection:- Rs. 1.00 Cr.
Kalank Movie 12th day collection:- Rs. 1.25 Cr.
Kalank Movie 13th to 16th day collection:- Rs. 1.55 Cr.
Kalank Movie 17th day collection:- Rs. 0.20 Cr.
Kalank Movie lifetime collection (Nett.):- Rs. 83.48 Cr.
Kalank Movie lifetime collection (Gross):- Rs. 98.51 Cr.
Kalank Movie Overseas Collection:- Rs. 40.00 Cr. (approx.)
Kalank Movie Worldwide collection:- Rs. 138.51 Cr

Kalank Movie Budget:
The estimated budget of Kalank Movie is around Rs. 150 Crore including print and advertising cost.
Kalank Movie movie Screen Count
As there is no major release on this week, Varund Dhawan movie has got good number of screen count in India as well as overseas. Let’s see the breakup
Kalank Movie Screen Count in India:- 4000
Kalank Movie Screen Count Overseas:- 1300
Kalank Movie Screen Count Worldwide:- 5300
Kalank Movie: Hit or Flop
Kalank Movie will be considered hit if it’s lifetime collection crosses Rs. 160 Crore in India which is not possible. Kalank will likely to be 1st flop movie of Varun Dhawan.
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