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Super 30 Review by six different critics.

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Super 30 Review Rating (Average):- 3.33/5
Super 30 Review Rating Counting:- 6

Times of India:- (3.5/5) by Sreeparna Bollywood Life:- (3.5/5) by Urmimala
Hrithik Roshan pulls off a fine performance essaying Anand Kumar, capturing his character’s sincerity and determination very well. While his physicality many not be entirely convincing, his performance more than makes up for it. Nandish Singh is earnest and well cast as Anand’s brother. Mrunal Thakur is effective in her limited screen time. Pankaj Tripathi as the unscrupulous politician is brilliant and Aditya Srivastava matches the villainy of his character to the hilt

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Hrithik Roshan puts in a sincere performance and is stellar in some of the scenes. You might not exactly identify Bollywood’s Greek God as a Bihari genius and passionate guru at the start, but he gets the emotions of the character right and grows on you. Pankaj Tripathi is terrific as the greedy and fake education minister while Aditya Srivastava also does a good job as Lallan Singh.

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Mumbai Mirror:- (3/5) by Kunal Koimoi:- (3.5/5) by Umesh
Queen director Bahl manages to retain interest and engagement in the proceedings by strategically assembling the highs and lows for optimal impact. A story of a charitable maths tutor who braved stiff opposition from capitalist coaching classes hardly sounds like a pot-boiler at the outset. But writer Sanjeev Dutta renders an inspiring narrative by blending the depravity and drive of those unwilling to settle for a lesser life.

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Vikas Bahl goes all rustic to depict a time which could’ve been shown in a simple manner. The colour correction, props used aren’t enough to match the aura of the 90s. I would’ve loved more of a ‘Yeh Meri Family’ treatment to the subject. Because of the weak art direction, Vikas misses many opportunities to pick up some scenes. He leads some brilliant emotional sequences, too, but overall there’s something missing.

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Sumit Kadel:- (3.5/5) in Twitter Rohit Jaiswal:- (3/5) in Twitter

#Super30 is a FANTASTIC . Superlative writing, storytelling,& direction. Very pertinent & inspiring film on education, coaching mafia in & talent poor kids possess in India.@iHrithik delivers OUTSTANDING performance. Winner all the way. Rating- ⭐️⭐️⭐️???? (3.5) #Super30Review

— Sumit kadel (@SumitkadeI) July 10, 2019

#Super30 is a very good film, with brilliant 1st half , average 2nd half & MINDBLOWING Climax, #HrithikRoshan delivers a soulful performance, his act is SUPERLATIVE, MUST WATCH 3*/5@iHrithik @RelianceEnt @NGEMovies @FuhSePhantom @hrxbrand

— Rohit Jaiswal (@rohitjswl01) July 10, 2019

Super 30 Film Story
Brilliant mathematician Anand Kumar helps 30 smart but underprivileged students prepare for entrance exams for the Indian Institutes of Technology.
Super 30 Star Cast
Hrithik Roshan
Mrunal Thakur
Pankaj Tripathi
Super 30 Movie Director
Vikas Bahl
Super 30 Movie Release Date
Super 30 is slated to release on 12th July, 2019.


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