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Tamil Box Office Collection 2023 (Kollywood): Hit and Flop

Here we compiled data on tamil box office collection report & verdict: hit or flop

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Tamil Box Office Collection 2023 of latest movies are being updated regularly. You will find here Tamil hit and flop movies with their collection in India, Overseas and Worldwide. It also includes budget. You can bookmark this page for getting information on box office collection of Tamil movies at the earliest.

Tamil Box Office Collection 2023: Hit or Flop

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Movie NameRelease Date1st day Tamil1st day IndiaIndia Lifetime NetIndia Lifetime GrossOverseasWorldwideBudgetVerdict (Hit or Flop)
Viduthalai Part – 131 Mar 233.85 cr3.85 cr7.55 cr8.90 cr1 cr9.90 cr
Pathu Thala30 Mar 235.25 cr5.25 cr9.72 cr11.46 cr2 cr13.46 cr
Kannai Nambaathe17 Mar 230.5 cr0.5 cr3.5 cr
Agilan10 Mar 231.6 cr1.6 cr9.15 cr10.79 cr0.5 cr11.29 cr
Bagheera3 Mar 231.10 cr
Vaathi17 Feb 235.65 Cr9.70 Cr64.20 Cr74.58 Cr21 cr95.58 Cr40 CrHit
Dada10 Feb 230.95 cr0.95 cr16.62 cr19.61 cr1.45 cr21.06 cr10 cr
Michael3 Feb 230.6 cr2.6 cr9.95 cr11.74 cr1.6 cr13.34 cr10 cr
Run Baby Run3 Feb 230.81 cr0.81 ce6.37 cr10 cr
Varisu11 Jan 2320.10 Cr26.70 Cr178.14 Cr208.55 Cr89.00 Cr297.55 Cr280 CrHit
Thunivu11 Jan 2321.10 Cr24.40 Cr121.87 Cr144.10 Cr55.90 Cr200.00 Cr200 CrHit
Tamil Box Office Collection

Tamil Box Office Collection 2020: Hit or Flop

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Movie NameRelease Date1st day Tamil1st day IndiaIndia Lifetime NetIndia Lifetime GrossOverseasWorldwideBudgetVerdict (Hit or Flop)
Dharala Prabhu13 Mar 201.10 Cr1.10 Cr2.70 Cr3.18 Cr0.20 Cr4.38 Cr4 CrRunning
Walter13 Mar 201.50 Cr1.50 Cr3.50 Cr4.13 Cr0.3 Cr4.43 Cr4 CrRunning
Gypsy6 Mar 202.00 Cr2.00 Cr8.35 Cr9.85 Cr1.00 Cr10.85 Cr15 CrRunning
Draupathi28 Feb 201.90 Cr1.90 Cr7.90 Cr9.32 Cr0.80 Cr10.12 CrRunning
Mafia Chapter 121 Feb 203.10 Cr3.10 Cr5.60 Cr6.60 Cr0.80 Cr7.40 CrRunning
World Famous Lover14 Feb 200.70 Cr7.10 Cr9.7 Cr11.44 Cr2.00 Cr13.44 CrRunning
Psycho24 Jan 203.45 Cr3.45 Cr10.55 Cr12.45 Cr2.80 Cr15.25 CrRunning
Pattas15 Jan 207.05 Cr7.05 Cr31.85 Cr37.58 Cr6.00 Cr43.58 Cr50.00 CrRunning
Darbar9 Jan 2023.30 Cr30.80 Cr149.00 Cr175.82 Cr73.00 Cr248.82 Cr200.00 CrRunning
Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy2 Oct 190.50 Cr62.00 Cr124.80 Cr147.24 Cr35.00 Cr182.24 Cr200.00 CrRunning
War2 Oct 190.70 Cr 1953.35 Cr166.25 Cr196.17 Cr20.00 Cr216.17 Cr150.00 CrRunning
Pailwaan12 Sept 196.66 Cr7.46 Cr32.10 Cr37.88 Cr4.00 Cr41.88 Cr40.00 CrRunning
Saaho30 Aug 193.20 Cr89.00 Cr309.50 Cr365.21 Cr80.00 Cr445.21 Cr350.00 CrAverage
Nerkonda Paarvi8 Aug 1914.23 Cr14.23 Cr86.00 Cr101.48 Cr25.00 Cr126.48 Cr50.00 CrSuper Hit
Dear Comrade26 July0.80 Cr11.90 Cr26.20 Cr30.90 Cr6.00 Cr36.90 Cr25 CrAverage
Game Over14 June0.30 Cr0.97 Cr11.91 Cr14.05 Cr1.30 Cr15.35 Cr20 CrFlop
NGK31 May12.20 Cr.14.40 Cr.64.00 Cr.75.52 Cr.12.00 Cr.87.52 Cr.60 Cr.Average
Avengers Endgame26 Apr4.00 Cr.53.60 Cr.367.67 Cr.433.00 Cr.19301 Cr.19734 Cr.2450 Cr.All Time Blockbuster
Kanchana 319 Apr9.92 Cr15.17 Cr98.00 Cr115.64 Cr15.00 Cr130.64 Cr40 CrSuper Hit
Super Deluxe29 Mar2.27 Cr2.27 Cr17.70 Cr20.80 Cr6.00 Cr26.80 Cr25 CrRunning
Airaa28 Mar1.78 Cr2.37 Cr4.25 Cr5.00 Cr0.20 Cr5.20 Cr10 CrRunning
Thadam01 Mar0.90 Cr0.90 Cr18.60 Cr21.95 Cr4.00 Cr25.95 Cr14 CrSuper Hit
Dev14 Feb3.70 Cr4.60 Cr9.55 Cr11.27 Cr1.20 Cr12.47 Cr55 CrFlop
Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven1 Feb3.40 Cr3.40 Cr15.00 Cr17.70 Cr3.20 Cr20.90 Cr35 CrFlop
Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi25 Jan0.38 Cr8.75 Cr98.02 Cr116.60 Cr25.40 Cr142 Cr100 CrAverage
Petta10 Jan14.00 Cr19.00 Cr134.60 Cr158.92 Cr74.00 Cr232.92 Cr160 CrHit
Viswasam10 Jan16.50 Cr17.30 Cr136.45 Cr161.26 Cr43.00 Cr204.26 Cr80 CrBlockbuster
Tamil Box Office Collection 2023


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Top Highest Grossing Tamil Movies 2019

You have seen box office collection of Tamil movies so far in 2019, let us see now top highest grossing Tamil movie of the year. As the new year has just started few big banner movie releases so far. Many Big budget film are yet to release. List of highest grossing movies in Tamil Nadu till date is given below:

MovieTamil Nadu NetIndia GrossOverseasWorldwide
Viswasam133.05 Cr161.26 Cr43.00 Cr204.26 Cr
Petta118.08 Cr158.92 Cr74.00 Cr232.92 Cr
Kanchana 328.95 Cr50.30 Cr5.00 Cr55.30 Cr
Thadam18.60 Cr21.95 Cr4.00 Cr25.95 Cr
tamil box office collection
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