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Varisu Worldwide Box Office Collection crosses 280 crore

Here we complied Varisu day wise Worldwide Box Office Collection

After a bumper opening, Varisu worldwide box office collection crossed Rs 280 Cr on day 26 The Vijay and Rashmika Mandanna starrer tamil movie is giving tough fight to Ajith’s Thunivu at the box office.

After earning Rs 26.70 Crore on day 1 at the box office, Varisu expected to collect 0.90 Cr on day 26 to take worldwide collection around Rs 280.54 crore

Varisu Worldwide Box Office Collection

Varisu Day 1 Collection: Rs 26.70 Cr

Varisu Day 2 Collection Rs 11.55 Cr

Varisu Day 3 Collection Rs 10.10 Cr

Varisu Day 4 Collection Rs 18.04 Cr

Varisu Day 5 Collection Rs 20.05 Cr

Varisu Day 6 Collection Rs 17 Cr

Varisu Day 7 Collection Rs 15.55 Cr

Varisu Day 8 Collection Rs 7.00 Cr

Varisu Day 9 Collection Rs 4.25 Cr

Varisu Day 10 Collection Rs 4.15 Cr

Varisu Day 11 Collection Rs 6.55 Cr

Varisu Day 12 Collection Rs 8.55 Cr

Varisu Day 13 Collection Rs 2.10 Cr

Varisu Day 14 Collection Rs 1.65 Cr

Varisu Day 15 Collection Rs 1.45 Cr

Varisu Day 16 Collection Rs 2.50 Cr

Varisu Day 17 Collection Rs 1.03 Cr

Varisu Day 18 Collection Rs 1.93 Cr

Varisu Day 19 Collection Rs 2.43 Cr

Varisu Day 20 Collection Rs 0.81 Cr

Varisu Day 21 Collection Rs 0.78 Cr

Varisu Day 22 Collection Rs 0.72 Cr

Varisu Day 23 Collection Rs 0.73 Cr

Varisu Day 24 Collection Rs 0.42 Cr

Varisu Day 25 Collection Rs 0.80 Cr

Varisu Day 26 Collection Rs 0.90 Cr

Varisu Remaining day collection Rs 10

Total: 179.14 Cr

Varisu India Net Collection – 179.14 Cr

India Gross Collection – 208.55 Cr (approx.)

Overseas Collection – 90 Cr

Varisu Worldwide Collection – 298.55 Cr

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Varisu Day 1 Worldwide Box Office Collection

Tamil Nadu Gross: 20.1 Cr

Karnataka Gross: 5.6 Cr

Kerala Gross: 4.4 Cr

ROI: 1.1 Cr (Approx.)    

India Gross: 31.2 Cr

Day     India Net

Day 1   26.70 Cr

Total    26.70 Cr (approx.)

1 Day India Net Collection – 26.70 Cr

1 Day India Gross Collection – 31.20 Cr (approx.)

1 Day Overseas Collection – 15 Cr

[UAE-2.40 Cr, USA- 2.44 Cr, Malayasia-1.65 Cr, Singapore-0.94 Cr]

1 Day Worldwide Box Office Collection – 46.20 Crore

Varisu Budget

Varisu is made on estimated budget of Rs 280 Crore. The movie already booked table profit by selling its theatrical right, broadcast, digital and satellite right.

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