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Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar crosses Rs. 700 Cr in 24 days at China Box Office.

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Aamir Khan’s magic at the Chinese box office continues to high  as his last film Dangal, Secret Superstar, released three days back in China Box Office, wins over the audiences there. Despite the fact that Aamir Khan is simply seen in an extended cameo appearance in the movie, Chinese audiences are enjoying the movie Secret Superstar and appreciating its message on women empowerment.

Secret Superstar has collected huge amount of USD $ 2.73 million on its 4th Sunday making its grand total of USD $ 109.21 million. The grand total equivalent to 701.36 crores in Indian Rupees. The collection speaks for itself, any Bollywood movie would dream to have. 

Aamir Khan recently visited China for the promotion of movie Dangal and expressed his wish of working with the talented actors from China. He said that he felt Chinese and Indian people have many things in common when it refers to characters and social culture.

“There are many Chinese actors who are very talented. I really want to do films with talents from China. Your Chinese talents and us Indians, we should make a film together. I believe it’ll be wonderful,” Aamir told Xinhua news agency

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