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Zero lifetime box office collection, budget, worldwide screen count: Shahrukh Khan Movie is box office flop in India and overseas market.

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Zero Movie Lifetime Box Office Collection:
Shahrukh Khan most anticipated movie Zero released on 21st December 2018 worldwide. The film opened with 30 to 35 % occupancy rate across India. After collecting Rs. 59.07 Crore in the opening weekend, the film saw declining collection on subsequent days and took total to Rs. 95.60 Crore. The box office collection is below the expectation considering the hype it created. However Zero overseas collection is quite good. It collected around Rs.60 Crore from overseas market. Zero worldwide collection is Rs. 180.09 Crore.

Zero directed by Anand L Rai also features Anushkha Sharma, Katrina Kaif among others. The movie received mixed review from the critics. Word of mouth is also against the movie. It looks difficult for Zero to cross even Rs. 100 Crore in India.

Zero Movie Collection in Bar Graph:
Infographic: Shah Rukh Khan Highest Grossing Movies and Box Office Performance for last 5 films.
Our Take On Zero Movie
Despite heavy promotion and much hype, one of the most anticipated movies of Shah Rukh Khan falls flat at the box office. There are several reasons for the failure of this high budget movie. However, what we think that the most important reason for mammoth failure of Zero is Anand L Rai directed movie failed to connect with audience like his previous movie Tanu Weds Manu and another thing is People expected Shah Rukh Khan as a Bauua Singh in a different avatar, but they end up seeing him in the same old typical romantic act he is doing over the years. Besides it, audienct were not impressed with Baaua Singh’s unrealistice mission from Meerut to Mars. However, hit or flop is the part of the game and we hope Shah Rukh Khan next movie will be a big hit.
Zero Movie Day Wise Collection Breakup:
Zero Movie 1st day collection:- 20.14 Cr.
Zero Movie 2nd day collection:- 18.22 Cr.
Zero Movie 3rd day collection:- 20.71 Cr.
Zero Movie 4th day collection:- 09.50 Cr.
Zero Movie 5th day collection:- 12.75 Cr.
Zero Movie 6th day collection:- 4.25 Cr.
Zero Movie 7th day collection:- 3.25 Cr.
Zero Movie 8th day collection:- 0.80 Cr.
Zero Movie 9th day collection:- 1.00 Cr.
Zero Movie 10th day collection:- 1.50 Cr.
Zero Movie 11th day collection:- 0.80 Cr.
Zero Movie 12th day collection:- 1.20 Cr.
Zero Movie 13th day collection:- 0.50 Cr.
Zero Movie 14th day collection:- 0.45 Cr.
Zero Movie 15th day collection:- 0.10 Cr.
Zero Movie 16th day collection:- 0.18 Cr.
Zero Movie 17th day collection:- 0.25 Cr.
Zero Movie Lifetime collection in India (Net):- 95.60 Cr.
Zero Movie Lifetime collection in India (Gross):- 120.09 Cr.
Zero Movie Overseas Box Office collection:- 60.00 Cr. (approx.)
Zero Movie Worldwide Box Office Collection:- 180.09 Cr.
Zero Movie Budget
Zero Movie is made on estimated budget of Rs. 200 Crore including print and advertisement cost.
Zero Movie Screen Count
As there is no major release on 21st December, 2018, Zero Movie has good screen count in India and overseas. Let see the breakup
Zero Movie Screen Count in India:- 4380
Zero Movie Screen Count Overseas:- 1585
Zero Movie Screen Count Worldwide:- 5965
Zero Movie Verdict: Hit or Flop
Zero Movie failed at the box office miserably. The could not even cross Rs. 100 Crore in India although Zero was made on a huge budget. So verdict for zero movie is flop.
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