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Kabir Singh lifetime box office collection in India, Overseas and Worldwide along with day wise breakup:

Picture Courtesy: Shahid Kapoor
Kabir Singh lifetime box office collection:
Kabir Singh, the remake of Telegu make Arjune Reddy hit the theatre on 21st June, 2019. The movie starring Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani takes the box office by storm. Kabir singh saw bumer opening in the box office and becomes biggest opener of Shahid Kapoor. Directed by Sandeep Vanga, Kabir Singh received mixed reviews from critics.
After collecting a massive amount of Rs. 134.42 crore on the opening week, Rs. 78.78 Crore on 2nd week, Rs. 36.40 Crore on 3rd week,Rs. 16.66 Crore on 4th week, Rs. 8.10 Crore on 5th week, Rs. 2.71 Crore on 6th week, Kabir Singh is almost exhausted. It collected Rs. 1.17 Crore on its 7th week to take its lifetime collection to Rs. 278.24 Crore. The film is a all time Blockbuster and also the highest grossing movie for the year 2019 surpassing URI

Kabir Singh Day Wise Box Office Collection in Bar Graph:

Kabir Singh Box Office Collection Break Up in India, Overseas and Worldwide:
Kabir Singh 1st day collection:- Rs. 20.21 Cr.
Kabir Singh 2nd day collection:- Rs. 22.71 Cr.
Kabir Singh 3rd day collection:- Rs. 27.91 Cr.
Kabir Singh 4th day collection:- Rs. 17.54 Cr.
Kabir Singh 5th day collection:- Rs. 16.53 Cr.
Kabir Singh 6th day collection:- Rs. 15.91 Cr.
Kabir Singh 7th day collection:- Rs. 13.61 Cr.
Kabir Singh 8th day collection:- Rs. 12.21 Cr.
Kabir Singh 9th day collection:- Rs. 17.10 Cr.
Kabir Singh 10th day collection:- Rs. 17.84 Cr.
Kabir Singh 11th day collection:- Rs. 9.07 Cr.
Kabir Singh 12th day collection:- Rs. 8.31 Cr.
Kabir Singh 13th day collection:- Rs. 7.53 Cr.
Kabir Singh 14th day collection:- Rs. 6.72 Cr.
Kabir Singh 15th day collection:- Rs. 5.40 Cr.
Kabir Singh 16th day collection:- Rs. 7.51 Cr.
Kabir Singh 17th day collection:- Rs. 9.61 Cr.
Kabir Singh 18th day collection:- Rs. 4.25 Cr.
Kabir Singh 19th day collection:- Rs. 3.20 Cr.
Kabir Singh 20th day collection:- Rs. 3.11 Cr.
Kabir Singh 21st day collection:- Rs. 3.32 Cr.
Kabir Singh 22nd day collection:- Rs. 2.54 Cr.
Kabir Singh 23rd day collection:- Rs. 3.75 Cr.
Kabir Singh 24th day collection:- Rs. 4.05 Cr.
Kabir Singh 25th day collection:- Rs. 1.65 Cr.
Kabir Singh 26th day collection:- Rs. 1.60 Cr.
Kabir Singh 27th day collection:- Rs. 1.55 Cr.
Kabir Singh 28th day collection:- Rs. 1.52 Cr.
Kabir Singh 29th day collection:- Rs. 1.03 Cr.
Kabir Singh 30th day collection:- Rs. 1.65 Cr.
Kabir Singh 31st day collection:- Rs. 2.30 Cr.
Kabir Singh 32nd day collection:- Rs. 0.82 Cr.
Kabir Singh 33th day collection:- Rs. 0.82 Cr.
Kabir Singh 34th day collection:- Rs. 0.77 Cr.
Kabir Singh 35th day collection:- Rs. 0.71 Cr.
Kabir Singh 6th week collection:- Rs. 2.71 Cr.
Kabir Singh 7th week collection:- Rs. 1.17 Cr.
Kabir Singh lifetime collection (Nett.):- Rs. 278.24 Cr.
Kabir Singh lifetime collection (Gross):- Rs. 328.32 Cr.
Kabir Singh Overseas Collection:- Rs. 42.00 Cr.
Kabir Singh Worldwide collection:- Rs. 370.32 Cr.
Kabir Singh Movie Hit or Flop:
Kabir Singh is a all time Blockbuster movie and also become the highest grossing movie for the year 2019. Its a huge achievement for Shahid Kapoor.

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