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Avengers: Endgame becomes highest grossing Hollywood movie ever by collecting more than Rs. 433 Crore gross ($62.03 Million) in its lifetime run in India and worldwide grossed $2.86 billion

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Avengers Endgame lifetime box office collection in India till 14th day:
One of the most anticipated Hollywood movies of the year, Avengers Endgame hit the theatre on 26th April, 2019. The movie released in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu language along with English in India. The fans of the franchise are going crazy over its release. The movie saw significant drop on Thursday.
After a massive opening of Rs. 260.40 Crore ($37.30 Mn) on opening week, Rs. 77.95 Crore net in 2nd week, Rs. 21.72 Crore net in 3rd week, Rs. 7.59 Crore net in 4th week, Avengers Endgame has almost exhausted its lifetime run in India by collecting Rs. 367.66 Crore net ($53.28 Mn) and grossing Rs. 433.00 Crore ($62.03 Mn). Despite non holiday release with 2845 screen count, the Hollywood movie becomes biggest opener in Bollywood and also becomes highest grossing Hollywood movie in India.
Avengers Endgame Day Wise Collection Breakup in India:
Avengers Endgame 1st day collection:- Rs. 53.60 Cr. ($7.60 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 2nd day collection:- Rs. 52.20 Cr ($ 7.36 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 3rd day collection:- Rs. 52.85 Cr ($ 7.55 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 4th day collection:- Rs. 31.05 Cr ($ 4.45 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 5th day collection:- Rs. 26.10 Cr ($ 3.74 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 6th day collection:- Rs. 28.50 Cr ($ 4.08 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 7th day collection:- Rs. 16.10 Cr ($ 2.30 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 8th day collection:- Rs. 12.50 Cr ($ 1.79 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 9th day collection:- Rs. 18.30 Cr ($ 2.62 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 10th day collection:- Rs. 21.75 Cr ($ 3.11 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 11th day collection:- Rs. 8.25 Cr ($ 1.18 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 12th day collection:- Rs. 6.75 Cr ($ 0.97 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 13th day collection:- Rs. 5.50 Cr ($ 0.78 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 14th day collection:- Rs. 4.90 Cr ($ 0.44 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 3rd week collection:- Rs. 21.72 Cr ($ 3.14 Mn)
Avengers Endgame 4th week collection:- Rs. 7.59 Cr ($ 1.1 Mn)
Avengers Endgame total collection in India (Nett.):- Rs. 367.67 Cr. ($53.28 Mn)
Avengers Endgame total collection in India (Gross):- Rs. 433.00 Cr. ($62.03 Mn)
Avengers Endgame Worldwide Box Office Collection
Avengers Endgame opened with a earth shattering business in the worldwide box office. The film grossed around $2.86 billion (Rs. 19734 Crore) in 4 weeks, first film on the earth to do so. Out of total collection, the movie’s China Box Office share is around Rs. 4236 Crore ($614.30 Mn). The movie has a real chance to be the top grosser movie of the world beating Avatar ($ 2.7 Billion).

Avengers Endgame Budget
The estimated budget of Avengers Endgame is $350 Million which is equivalent to Rs. 2450 Crore.
Avengers Endgame Screen Count in India
Avengers Endgame opened with 2845 screen count in India.
Avengers Endgame in India: Hit or Flop
Avengers Endgame is already a Blockbuster in India and becomes highest grosser Hollywood Movie in just 6 days..
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