From Controversy to 1000 crore Box Office Collection: The Success Story of Pathan

Pathan has shattered box office records, crossing Rs 1000 crore in worldwide box office collection

Shah Rukh Khan's return after 4 years and Pathan's inclusion in Aditya Chopra's spy universe raised anticipation for the film

Controversy over Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan's "Besharam Rang" music video also drew attention to the film.

The global release of Pathan on 2500 screens and its phenomenal run in the US helped to cement its success.

The commercial recipe for success, with SRK's charisma, John Abraham's cool, and Deepika's fierce seduction, made for an enticing trailer.

Pathan's daring stunts and breathtaking action scenes have captivated audiences worldwide.

Salman Khan's thrilling appearance and camaraderie with SRK was a memorable highlight.

In conclusion, Pathan's perfect combination of factors - SRK's comeback, controversy, global release, commercial recipe, and Salman's cameo - has made it a movie for the ages.