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India’s Most Wanted Review from 6 different critics. Average Rating (2.66/5)

Picture Courtesy: Arjun Kapoor

Reviewed by Umesh

India’s Most Wanted Review Rating:

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India’s Most Wanted Review Rating (Average):- 2.66/5
India’s Most Wanted Review Rating Counting:- 6

Times of India:- (3.5/5) by Renuka Bollywood Hungama:- (3/5)
The movie presents a realistic, low-key portrayal of an undercover operation. However, this works as a double-edged sword. The absolute lack of dramatisation makes it a slow burn crime drama instead of an edge of the seat thriller that you might expect it to be. Things are underplayed to the extent that they lack the palpable tension that you expect from a story like this.

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Raj Kumar Gupta’s story is strictly okay and reminds one of the second half of Akshay Kumar-starrer BABY [2015]. He has tried to remain authentic to the real incident. In doing so, Raj Kumar Gupta’s screenplay suffers. The episode of how the terrorist was nabbed was sensational especially the bit of getting hold of him without firing a single bullet. But in other words, this also means that the film is devoid of action and some real entertainment.

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DNA:- (3/5) by Meena Koimoi:- (2.5/5) by Umesh
This is an important film because it tells the story of how vulnerable we, as a nation, were a decade ago. How a series of bomb blasts across various Indian cities, conducted by a man with radical leanings left thousands killed and maimed. When this tale of terror is recounted on screen starting with the Pune blast, you feel scared. So far, so good. Then the film goes to the Delhi bureaucracy — their apathy, inaction and petty politics, which is informative as much as it is disturbing.

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The simplicity of four men apart from Arjun Kapoor stands out because it has a surprise factor to it. But, they’re underutilised throughout the film as the main guy Arjun does everything. We get the point they’re finding a dreaded terrorist, but the development never carries forward the narration and is stuck at the same point for a very long time. The ‘wow’ factor from Gupta’s previous films like Aamir, No One Killed Jessica and Raid is missing..

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Sumit Kadel:- (1.5/5) in Twitter Rohit Jaiswal:- (2.5/5) in Twitter

#IndiasMostWanted FAILED to entertain, writing & storytelling lacks originality. Casting is erroneous, Arjun kapoor + Supporting cast acts are amateurish & cliched,dialogues are not impactful, shock value is missing in the script. Overall its a dreary affair. Rating- ⭐️???? (1.5)

— Sumit kadel (@SumitkadeI) May 24, 2019

#IndiasMostWanted is Strictly Average, film has moments but director failed to make it big, @arjunk26 tried his level best, but shoddy direction and thin screenplay is the biggest drawback of the film…
2.5*/5 #IndiasMostWantedReview

— Rohit Jaiswal (@rohitjswl01) May 24, 2019

India’s Most Wanted Film Story
Five unlikely heroes embark on a dangerous covert operation to capture one of India’s deadliest terrorists.
India’s Most Wanted Star Cast
Arjun Kapoo.
Amrita Puri.
Rajesh Sharma.
India’s Most Wanted Movie Director
Raj Kumar Gupta.
India’s Most Wanted Movie Release Date
India’s Most Wanted movie is slated to release on 24th May, 2019.


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