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Best Bengali Sticker App for WhatsApp which will make your chat interesting.

Initially, there were WhatsApp stickers only in the English language. But, slowly, developers start creating stickers in regional languages also. The Bengali language is one of the popular languages in India. So finding the Bengali sticker app is not so difficult.

Now, there is hundreds of Bengali sticker app in Google Play Store. But people often don’t find what they are looking for. What happens, they download an app, after sometime uninstall it.  So we have researched a bit about it and find the best app for you.

We have found 2-3 good Bengali Sticker application in Play Store. Here, we will talk about one of the sticker apps which covers all type of stickers. So let’s start it.

Bengali Sticker App – Express yourself with sticker

It is one of the top rated emerging Bengali Sticker App, you will find in Google Play Store. The app has got beautiful UI design consisting categories and sub-categories.   Categories name are as under

  • Bengali Trending Stickers
  • Bengali Serial Stickers
  • Politician Stickers
  • Bengali Actors Stickers
  • Sports Stickers
  • Text Stickers
  • Wishing Stickers
  • Love Stickers
  • Cartoon Sticker
  • Corona Stickers

One of the important features of the this App is that it is has an admin panel so the owner can add the trending stickers any time and also create categories and subcategories as per demand.

How to add Bengali Sticker in Your WhatsApp account

It is very easy just follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Download and open the Bengali sticker
  2. Choose Stickers from any category.
  3. Tap on Download button in the Sticker Pack
  4. After completing download, tap on Add to WhatsApp and click yes.
  5. That’s it. Now open your Whats App account.
  6. Tap on Sticker icon placed at button.
  7. Start sharing the Sticker with dear and near one.

Download Bengali Sticker App

You can download/ install Bengali sticker from below mentioned link.

Or Click here to install Bengali Sticker App

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