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Badla Movie lifetime box office collection, worldwide screen count, Hit of Flop.

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Badla Movie lifetime box office Collection :
Badla Movie, an official adaptation of the 2017 Spanish film Contratiempo The Invisible Guest starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu in the lead role hit the theatre on 8th March 2019. The crime thriller directed by Sujoy Ghosh received mostly positive review from the critics and created good buzz in the bollytown.
After collecting huge amount of Rs. 38 Crore on the 1st week, Rs. 29.32 Crore on 2nd week, Rs. 11.12 Crore on 3rd week, Rs. 5.25 Crore on 4th week, Badla movie almost exhausted its run. It collected around Rs. 2.37 Crore on 5th week to took it’s lifetime collection to Rs. 86.06 Crore. Despite facing huge competitions in the screen share among Kesari, Captain Marvel, Total Dhamaal and Luka Chuppi, Badla is doing remarkable business. The movie has received strong word of mouth from audience which translating into box office number.
Badla Movie Collection in Bar Graph:
Infographic: Taapsee Pannu Highest Grossing Movies and Box Office Performance for last 5 films.
Our take on Badla Movie:
Badla movie is huge successful at the box office. The powerful performance of Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu and brilliant direction of Kahaani fame director Sujoy Ghosh make it happen. The thriller received critical acclaim and good appreciation from audience. The collaboration of Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee has given 2nd hit after Pink. If the content is good, direction is upto the mark, performance is powerful, the movie can do wonder at the box office.
Badla Movie Day Wise Collection Breakup:
Badla Movie 1st day collection:- 5.04 Cr.
Badla Movie 2nd day collection:- 8.55 Cr.
Badla Movie 3rd day collection:- 9.61 Cr.
Badla Movie 4th day collection:- 3.75 Cr.
Badla Movie 5th day collection:- 3.85 Cr.
Badla Movie 6th day collection:- 3.55 Cr.
Badla Movie 7th day collection:- 3.65 Cr.
Badla Movie 8th day collection:- 4.05 Cr.
Badla Movie 9th day collection:- 6.70 Cr.
Badla Movie 10th day collection:- 8.22 Cr.
Badla Movie 11th day collection:- 2.80 Cr.
Badla Movie 12th day collection:- 2.60 Cr.
Badla Movie 13th day collection:- 2.60 Cr.
Badla Movie 14th day collection:- 2.35 Cr.
Badla Movie 15th day collection:- 2.07 Cr.
Badla Movie 16th day collection:- 2.65 Cr.
Badla Movie 17th day collection:- 2.75 Cr.
Badla Movie 18th day collection:- 1.00 Cr.
Badla Movie 19th day collection:- 0.90 Cr.
Badla Movie 20th day collection:- 0.90 Cr.
Badla Movie 21st day collection:- 0.85 Cr.
Badla Movie 22nd day collection:- 0.70 Cr.
Badla Movie 23rd day collection:- 1.20 Cr.
Badla Movie 24th day collection:- 1.45 Cr.
Badla Movie 25th day collection:- 1.45 Cr.
Badla Movie 26th day collection:- 1.45 Cr.
Badla Movie 27th day collection:- 1.45 Cr.
Badla Movie 28th day collection:- 1.45 Cr.
Badla Movie Week 5 (29th to 35th day) collection:- 2.37 Cr.
Badla Movie lifetime collection so far(Nett.):- 86.06 Cr.
Badla Movie lifetime collection so far(Gross):- 101.55 Cr.
Badla Movie Overseas Collection:- 35.00 Cr.
Badla Movie Worldwide collection:- 136.55 Cr.
Badla Movie Budget:
The estimated budget for the film Badla is around Rs.25 Crore including print and advertising cost.
Badla Movie Screen Count
Badla movie opened with less screen count compared to Captain Marvel:
Badla Movie Screen Count in India:- 1000
Badla Movie Screen Count Overseas:- 200+
Badla Movie Screen Count Worldwide:- 1200+
Badla Movie Verdict: Hit or Flop
Badla Movie box office verdict is Blockbuster. Considering the low budget, the movie has done unexpectedly well at the box office.
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